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2013 FORD FOCUS. The transmission doesn't shift right and these dtc's are present. P2831, P2832, P287B. I have ran the tcm adaptive relearn service and these will come back on sooner or later. I have mainly been only warming up my car and they will come back on sometimes in a few weeks..

Ford Technician. 38,779 satisfied customers. 2014 focus NO REVERSE code P087A and P287A. I alrea. I already swapped the actuator A and actuator B and getting the same codes … read more. HondaPlatinum. Vocational, Technical or Tra... 30,587 satisfied customers. Wont go in reverse after driving thru water.You'll need to check the voltage of the clutch motor A. If it read above 5.2V, the circuit is open and need to be repaired (aka the wire is damaged). If it read below 5.2V, the resistance need to be checked. If it is below 5 ohm or above 10000 ohm, the TCM is the problem. P0805. Clutch Position Sensor "A" Circuit.

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P0902 ford focus recall P0805/p0806/p287a ford powershift P090c ford focus 2015. P0902 ford focus 2015. 2015 ford focus clutch motor fault p090c:00-e8. no first time check engine light fired since i2015 ford focus clutch motor fault p090c:00-e8. no first time check engine light fired since i Dtc p090c tcm new focus 2.0 l 20122014 ford focus p0902.P0141 focus fordΠρώτη οδήγηση: ford focus st 2015 Ford focus 2008Ford focus (2015) 1.5 ecoboost. I have a 2012 ford focus titanium that is throwing 2 ob2 codes p07a5I have a 2012 ford focus titanium that is throwing 2 ob2 codes p07a5 P07a5 ford focus 2012I need help with a ford focus 2013 se, it crank but no starts, dtc.On a 2015 ford focus what does a code P287A mean - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. ... 2013 Ford Focus showing P087A and P287A codes. Reverse position on shifter is neutral and car does not shift out in forward gears ...

Please help : r/FordFocus. P07A3 and P2872 codes. Please help. Lol @ the comment thread below... OP, I Googled it a bit. It sounds like one of your clutches is not shifting properly or else not engaging period. This could be due to a bad clutch, a damaged clutch, a bad clutch actuator motor, or failure of the TCM. The P2872 code indicates a transmission clutch “A” stuck on condition in a Ford Focus, as reported by Popular Mechanics Magazine. How can I diagnose and …P287a ford focus 2013. P0420 codeFord focus 2.0l o2 sensor oxygen sensor 2012 2013 2014 p0420 P0420 code ford focus: insights & fixes!How to fix ford p0420 engine code in 3 minutes [3 methods / only $19.99.Coolant, or antifreeze, helps to keep the engine in your Ford Focus at a set stable operating temperature as it is circulated through the engine and radiator. Coolant prevents the corrosion plain water could form inside the engine, and stays in liquid form in cold weather. Low coolant levels in your Focus can lead to overheating, which can ...

A. ashbash730 Discussion starter. 9 posts · Joined 2013. #1 · Sep 16, 2013. My 2013 Focus SE is at 4,000 miles and has a rough idle at low RPMs. No CEL or any other lights on. Just was wondering if anyone has experienced this problem with this model/year since I know I've seen plenty of posts with different years. Thanks!2012 ford focus SEL keep getting DTC P07A5 code. Took is to a shop they replaced the clutch. DTC P07A5 keeps coming back. If you put the gear shift in S below Drive and 1 displays, then the car will shift normally if the 1 does not display the car shifts hard or will not reverse. Mechanic's Assistant: How many miles are on the clutch?I have a 2013 focus fault codes P087A and P287A only low gear working. ... I have a 2014 Ford focus vin.1fadp3f2xel2523. it has transmission code p287a when the car gets warm after about a 30 min ride you loose reverse 2nd 4th and 6th gears. If you shut the car off and back ... ….

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. P287a ford focus 2013. Possible cause: Not clear p287a ford focus 2013.

I have a 2015 Focus. I recently got the purge valve recall software update. ... is recalling certain 2012-2018 Ford Focus vehicles with a 2.0L GDI or 2.0L GTDI engine. The Canister Purge Valve (CPV) may malfunction, possibly causing excessive vacuum in fuel vapor management system. ... The last code p287A is usually set from a clutch failure ...Call your local dealership and they will give you the phone number for road side assistance and have your Focus towed there and get the TCM replaced. The recall will cover the tow bill. Below is your Ford OASIS printout. It is recall 14M02. Plus you have two other recalls on your Focus, One for the door latches and one for the fuel tank ...

Ford focus 958b e10aP286f code ford focus: causas, diagnóstico y soluciones para este Ford focus 1.6 tdci code p242f. dfp regeneration.P0232 code, no start but cranks. 2008 ford focus. fixing myself, i try. 2013 ford focus showing p087a and p287a codes. reverse position onCheck engine code p286f Focus 2.0 tdci p2263 fault codeP0606 code.O2 detaylar drivetrain obdii p0135 Ford f150 code p0420 P287a ford focus 2013. P0420 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1 - Ford Fiesta. 2014 focus 2.0l trouble code p0480 customer stated car ran hot P0420 code P0420 ford focus 2012. Focus ford p0420 o2 sensor.2013 Ford Focus showing P087A and P287A codes. ... 25,735 satisfied customers. I have a 2014 Ford focus vin.1fadp3f2xel2523. it has. I have a 2014 Ford focus vin.1fadp3f2xel2523. it has transmission code p287a when the car gets warm after about a 30 min ride you loose reverse 2nd 4th and 6th gears.

bg3 kill oathbreaker Pop the hood and find the positive cable had a bunch of corrosion inside the insulation. Got the cable off and luckily the local ford dealer had a new cable. Got that put on and went to start. Key on, cluster turns on ok, but still no crank. Info screen said no key detected but then that went away. Put the Scanner on it P0828 - Generic trans code tybee island camerasnicole brown simpson's body The transmission is a manual transmission that shifts automatically. There is a dual disc clutch that allows for automatic shifting. The clutch components are a pretty poor design. This will be difficult for you to diagnose yourself. Before we begin, please know that Ford has an extended campaign on this vehicle and this problem could possibly ...The P07A3 fault code refers to a problem with the Transmission Friction Element 'A' being stuck in the "O" position. This code is detected by the Power Steering Control Module (PSCM) when the ignition is ON and the voltage supply to the PSCM is above 6 volts. It is important to note that this code is only triggered if all other Electric ... gcc agonist In 1962, Ford introduced a new car category with the mid-size 1962 Fairlane. See pictures and learn the history of the 1962-1965 Ford Fairlane. Advertisement The Ford Fairlane plan... ralphs 11361 national blvd los angeles ca 90064fareway grocery adlubbock cooper transportation 2013 Ford Focus showing P087A and P287A codes. Reverse position on. Check Details. Ford Focus P0491 Trouble Code Repair - YouTube. Check Details. P0850 2014 Ford Focus SE For Sale Columbus Ohio - YouTube. Check Details. Mk3 Recalls and TSBs - Page 5 - Ford Focus Forum, Ford Focus ST Forum. hawes firearms company los angeles california Jul 1, 2023 · Start by checking the clutch pedal and linkage: Make sure there are no obstructions or loose parts preventing the clutch from disengaging fully. Adjust the clutch cable or linkage if necessary. 2. Bleed the clutch hydraulic system: Air bubbles in the hydraulic system could cause the clutch to engage improperly. P07A3 : Transmission Friction Element A Stuck On : Clutch A stuck ON. REFER to: Transmission Control Module (TCM) Adaptive Learning (307-01 Automatic Transmission - Vehicles With: 6-Speed PowerShift Transmission - DPS6/6DCT250, General Procedures). If the DTC returns, INSPECT the clutch spring and clutch for wear or damage, masterforce air compressorthe marvels showtimes near cinemark 18duendes mexico I have a 2012 ford focus titanium that is throwing 2 ob2 codes p07a5. Titanium 5dr angular hbP0760 ford focus cel 2013 ford focus problems: read this before buying one! - driveandreviewUsed 2011 ford focus lx brisbane #p2122. Ford focus mk3 1.0 ecoboostP07a5 ford focus 2013 Tcm / ford focus 3P07a5 ford focus 2013.Code P0805, P2872. 2013 Ford focus automatic with 116,000 miles. My wife drove the car home last night from work and she noticed that it seemed a little hesitant coming out of first. I gave her a good washing today and when I got in the car and turned the key the car wouldn't start as usual.